Your Top Tier Agents

All our agents have been trained to provide every client exceptional service. Below you will find A Group of  “Ntouch Realty” Qualified Elite Agents 


Ms. J is a successful real estate broker that runs one of the most influential brokerage firms in Atlanta. A pioneer in the real estate industry, she has worked with some of Atlanta’s elite professionals. 


Continuing to provide each and every client with top tier service. 

real estate agent
Real Estate Agent

Ayannah is a graduate of Georgia State University. She comes to NTouch with over 17 years in Property Management.

She is known for her impeccable communication and negotiation skills. She is determined to soar to the next level in real estate and is available to help all those with any real estate needs.

Real Estate Agent

 Johnetta provides strategic marketing and transaction management services to her clients. She strives to build her business on dedication to her clients, determination to do what suits them best, effective communication and trust, while embodying the ability to cater and adapt to her clients’ real estate needs.

Because of her heart for people, she ensures that her clients are well-represented in the home-buying/selling process.  

Real Estate Agent